November, 7-8 2022, Oran, Algeria









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Chemin Vicinal N9Oran 31000, Algérie

Organized by Laboratory of Electrical Engineering and Materials(LEEM)

Higher School in Electrical and Energetic Engineering of Oran (ESGEEO), Oran, Algeria


Pr. Mohamed BOUHICHA, General Director of DGRSDT

Pr. Mohamed Fayçal KHELFI, Director of ESGEEO

Pr. Smain. Balaska, Rector of Oran University 2.


Dr. Yacine BENDJEDDOU (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Karim BENABADJI (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Mohamed Issam ZIANE (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Khadra KESSAIRI (ESGEE, Oran,Algeria)


  • Green chemistry and eco-processes
  • Corrosion and materials protection
  • Electrochemistry
  • Water and environment
  • Waste recovery
  • Polymers and advanced materials for electrical engineering.
  • Organic chemistry and catalysis
  • Applied solid state physics
  • Dielectric Materials
  • Materials for storage energy
  • Thermal energy, wind and hydraulic energy
  • Physical chemistry
  • Nanotechnology and Smart Materials
  • Data Mining, metallurgy and materials science
  • Glass forming systems and application.
  • Theoretical physics
  • Science of the Environment for Sustainability
  • Environmental System Engineering
  • Law, international jurisdiction for the protection of sustainable development



  • Electrical engineering, electronics and power electronics.
  • Smart grid
  • Electric Power generation
  • Electric Machines and drives
  • Electronic energy systems 
  • Electrical engineering, electronics and power electronics.
  • Smart grid
  • Electric Power generation
  • Electric Machines and drives
  • Electronic energy systems 
  • Fault detection and diagnosis of electrical systems
  • Automation engineering
  • Robotics, Industry 4.0 
  • Control of complex systems
  • Intelligent control systems
  • Smart systems
  • Perception including sensing, sensor integration, smart sensors and sensor networks
  • Applied mathematics
  • Mathematical modeling of dynamical systems and their applications
  • Computer science
  • Machine Intelligence, adaptive and learning systems
  • Electrical material, insulation and permanent magnet.


  • Meet our honored keynote speakers


    • Hafidh AOURAG (Full Professor from University of Oran, Algeria)
    • Simone CAPACCIOLI (Full Professor from University of Pisa, Italy)
    • Mohamed BENBOUZID (Professeur, Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Brest, France) 
    • Jose ANTONINO-DAVIU (Professeur, Polytechnique de valencia, Espagne) 
    • Fatima BENCHIKH (Professor, Kyusho University, Fukuoka, Japan) 
    • Simone NAPOLITANO (Professor, Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgique)
    • Kheirreddine LEBBOU (Directeur de recherche, Université Claude Bernard, Lyon1)
    • Josep M. Guerrero (Professor in Microgrids, Villum Investigator, Aalborg University, Denmark)
    • Omar BENAMARA (PhD in Material Science Material research and development superviserZadient Technology, France)
    • kamal YOUCEF-TOUMI (Professor at MIT – Mechanical Engineering Department, USA)
    • Liliana MITOSERIU (Professor University Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Faculty of Physics, Romania)
    • Bekkai MESSIRDI (Full Professor from University of Oran, Algeria)


    • kamal YOUCEF-TOUMI (MIT, USA)
    • Mohamed BENHAMIDA (Université de M’sila, Algérie)
    • Federico José Barrero García Torres (Universidad de Sevilla, Espagne)
    • Josep M. Guerrero (Aalborg University, Denmark)
    • Adnan SÖZEN (GaziUniversity, Ankara, Turkey)
    • Mehdi ADJDIR (USTOMB, Oran, Algérie)
    • Jamal Dine SIB (Université d’Oran 1, Algérie)
    • Ahmad N. AL-OMARI (Yarmouk University, Jordan)
    • Miloud CHIKR EL-MEZOUAR (UDL, Algérie)
    • Tonelli MAURO (University of Pisa, Italy)
    • Rachid ABDESSEMED (Université de Batna 2, Algérie)
    • Jose-Antonino-Daviu (Polytechnique de valencia, Espagne) 
    • Mohamed BENBOUZID (Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Brest, France)
    • ElkheirMERABET (Université de BBA, Algérie)
    • Said DRID (Professeur, Université de de Batna 2, Algérie)
    • NourdineBENOUZZA (USTO-MB, Algérie)
    • Abdelber BENDAOUD (UDL, Algérie)
    • Abdellatif FASLA (Université d’Oran 2, Algérie)
    • Cristina Martin Torres (Universidad de Sevilla, Espagne)
    • Hiba MESSAOUDI (Yildiztechnicaluniversity, Istanbul, Turkey)
    • Mostéfa BRAHAMI (UDL, Algeria)
    • Nadjib DROUICHE (CRTSE, Algeria)
    • Samira ABDELLI-MESSACI (CDTA, Algérie)
    • Mohamed MILOUDI (Université de Relizane, Algérie)
    • Hanane CHAKER (Centre universitaire de AinTmouchent, Algérie)
    • Souhila BOUDJAMAA (Université de Ouargla, Algérie)
    • Lahcen DRISS (Université de Bachar, Algérie)
    • Slimane LAFANE (CDTA, Algeria)
    • Meftah TABLAOUI (CRTSE, Algeria)
    • Farid MADJENE (UDES, Bou Ismail, Algérie)
    • Liliana MITOSERIU (University Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Faculty of Physics, Romania)
    • Dr Brahim HADDAD (UDES, Algeria)
    • Bilal ATTALLAH (Université de M’sila, Algérie)
    • Youcef BRIK (Université de M’sila, Algérie)
    • Said KAROUI (USTOMB, Oran, Algérie)
    • Sarah GHARDAOUI (USTOMB, Oran, Algérie)
    • Mehdi ROUAN-SERIK (Université d’Oran 2 , Algérie)
    • DjamilMEHADJI (UDL, Algérie) 
    • Fatiha KAIL (université d’oran Es-senia, Algérie)
    • Lamia BARKAT (université d’Oran- Es-Senia, Algérie)


Pr. Noureddine BENOUZZA (USTO-MB, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Khadra KESSAIRI (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Halima GHOUAS(ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Hayet SEDDIKI (USTO, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Mounia HENDEL (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Yacine BENDJEDDOU (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Mohamed Issam ZIANE (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Karim BENABADJI (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Mohamed HORCH (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Hamza BENNACER (M’silauniversity, Algeria)

Dr. Fayçal BOUTOUB (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Hadj BENHABARA (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Abdelmoumen MAZRAI (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Newel AMEUR (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Youssouf BRAHAMI (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Halima AIT MHAMED (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Mokhtar CHAHI (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Larbi FILALI (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Madjid KHIAT (CRTI, Setif, Algeria)

Dr. Ali BENNOUAR (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Reda Ali BACHA (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Azzedine KHORSI (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Fouad KADDOUR (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Abdellatif SEGHIOUR (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Hamza SELLAMNA (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Salim BRAHIM DJELLOUL (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Nada SELAMI (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Abdellah GHERBI (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Mr. Youssef ASIA (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr.Fatiha SAIDI (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Tahar BOUGUETAIA (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria)

Dr. Amel TANDJAOUI (ESGEE, Oran, Algeria


Authors are kindly invited to submit their subtract proposals as per the call for papers schedule below:

First abstract Submission

MAI, 15 2022

Abstract Submission deadline

July, 30 2022

Notification of acceptance

            September, 2022

Early Bird Registration

            October, 15 2022

Final paper submission & Registration deadline

            November, 30 2022

Conference to be held in

            November, 7 and 8 2022